Tuesday, January 17, 2006

When you're feeling down ...

My God, I'm post-tastic today.

Anyway - I know that you should never laugh at those less fortunate than yourself, but... seriously. This website www.newauthors.org.uk is absolutely brilliant.

Open it up, go to General Fiction and then to The Trio Affair by Ellen Harkness.

I have been reading this story for over three years, now, and it STILL illicits huge bursts of hilarity. No, really, it does. For a start, one of the characters, Ruth, is dating a "marketing magnet called Olive". If you mistype anything, don't mistype a key character's name. Especially when he's called Clive. Or he's the studly lover of your enemy ("Ben, the Creek Cod"). Also, when describing your heroine's body, it's probably best not to use this phrase: "one big hair sprouting machine."

I know that it's cruel, but Ellen Harkness's The Trio Affair really does brighten up my day. Have a look when you're feeling down.

Other good ones include The Fabulous Feline Philosophies of Agatha J. Hunt for the premise alone, and The Kitchen Fairy by Lucy Owen for intense pretention.

I will probably rot in Writers Hell for this but, hell ...

New Authors Dot Org. We salute you.

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