Monday, January 16, 2006

Urgent Appeal on behalf of the Children of Inner City London

This is an urgent appeal on behalf of the children of Inner City London.

You see them on all forms of public transport: on buses and tubes struggling because the every day thing that you and I take for granted is something these children can only dream about. That's right. I'm talking about headphones.

Many people are unaware of the crippling shortage of headphones for mobile phone mp3 players that's affecting youngsters all over the capital. And it's spreading.

This is Stephen.

Stephen takes the bus every morning from his home in south-west London to school. It's a journey of two miles which can take up to thirty minutes. That's a long time to go without music when you're 17 and learning the words to Nas's latest single. Because of a tragic act of injustice, Stephen can't listen to his music like you or me.

Stephen doesn't have headphones so he cannot plug a pair - like you or I would do - into his mobile phone and listen quietly to himself.

Stephen is just one more child hit by the desperate headphone shortage.

Stephen is forced to listen to his music directly from his mobile phone. Stephen must sit in shame at the back of the top deck with his music cruelly distorted as he plays it at full volume through the tiny speakers just so that he can hear it properly. Stephen must do so despite there being twenty people on the top deck of the bus who can hear his every sound and may, at any moment, ridicule him for his misfortune.

Help us to help children like Stephen.

For just £1 a week, you can hire Stephen a pair of headphones from our second-hand selection. For £2 a week, you can hire him a pair of headphones plus aid his learning by adding on two hours in our internet cafe where he can download the lyrics to any of the songs he's listening to. For £5 you can buy Stephen a pair of headphones ... for life.

Please help us to help a child without headphones.

Before someone gets up and kills one of them.

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