Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Fiction Challenge

I've been doing a bit of writing - since having a baby in September, I've been THINKING a lot about writing, but not doing a whole lot of it. Apart from about cloth nappies on another blog of mine. I've written a LOT about cloth nappies.

Anyway. I heard about this Friday Fiction Challenge thing where you use a photo to inspire a 200 word story. I've never written short stories and I don't really read them - it just isn't a genre I feel comfortable in at all: I enjoy unspooling things over chapters (that I never actually write). But this feels doable - it's flexing my creativity and making me write. Two things I really want/need.

The baby and I go swimming on Fridays at 1pm and after that he tends to sleep his ass off so it's a good time to do a writing challenge. But we shall see how long I stick to it :)

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