Wednesday, February 12, 2014

10 Favourite Friends Moments

A few weeks ago a lovely fellow Friend-ite of mine sent me a link to this - it's a zinging attack on the terrible legacy of Friends by someone who sees it as the root cause of all evil in our world. According to this sparky little fella, Friends is, amongst other things, the reason why people place pretentious coffee orders, why men hit on women all the time and made neurotic behaviour acceptable.

High praise indeed for a little sit-com.

Friends isn't everyone's cup of tea (or coffee which, if my memory serves me correctly, is probably about as complex an order the Friends cast ever really give. Maybe a muffin.), but it's definitely mine.  It's unfailingly upbeat, it has strong, generally believable and clearly flawed characters and it handles tough subjects - infertility and death - with a light but effective touch.

There are hundreds that I could list here, but here are my top ten moments (today's version, anyway) from Friends, in no particular order:

10: Ross & Rachel's first kiss

This was the first episode I ever watched and I really belly-laughed at this. The timing of Ross's collision with the dryer door is just perfect.

09: Ross finds out about Chandler & Monica

Again, the timing on this is brilliant.  It shunted 'My sandwich' by a nose.

08: The others find out about Chandler & Monica

But I couldn't have Ross finding out without these two:

Pheobe on perfect form:

And so's Joey:

07: Pheobe singing along to Ross's bagpipes

06: Mike's fake piano

05: Ross made out with the school librarian

There's also the amazing scene where Brad Pitt goes to high-five Ross when he tells him that he got Rachel pregnant and isn't going to marry her. GENIUS.

04: Mike & Ross's awkward night

03: You just rolled over the juicebox

02: Pivot! Pivot!

01: This is Vikram

Tied with:

01: I got off the plane

What's yours?

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