Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh yes, we got engaged.

Ha ha! After a pretty shocking week which included a burglary and the kind of all guns blazing rows that would put any Jeremy Kyle 'guest' to shame, Rob and I went out for a drink on Friday 11 September and, while distracting me with a discussion about velux windows, he pulled out the gorgeous (3 emerald cut diamonds in a platinum setting) ring and, of course, I said yes! The fact that we were sitting in the gutter drinking pints outside a slightly divey pub in Victoria only added to the romance. The picture was taken by a lovely, but random, older lawyer lady who happened to be sitting nearby. I'm about twenty minutes engaged. And a bit drunk.

Initially we thought about getting married in April, but ... well, weddings are SO political and we both have friends getting married from May to Septmeber so we've gone for October instead. Which isn't a bad thing because we've got SO much to do in the next year: move, change jobs, finish my MA, build an extension. Obviously, because I'm SUPER obsessed with organising events, the church and venue are now booked for 30 October 2010 aand my dress is already on the drawing board with my designer friend Lisa. Which means I'll basically be dressed and ready to go sometime around February - if you see a forlorn looking little shape sitting outside St Faith's Church at St Cross Hospital, Winchester around then, do pass me a blanket. And a cupasoup.

And of course we are also dieting, so hopefully I'll drift down the aisle all whispy like a ballerina rather than rumble past my guests like a contestant on Four Weddings - you know, I don't mean to be mean, but they've surely had notice that they're getting married? And that they'll be on telly? They have SEEN a tv show before?

So, in the past month I/we have:

1. Bought a house in Winchester - we should be getting the contracts this week which even our solicitor thinks is very fast. Means we could be in by end of October. WOOP WOOP.

2. Got engaged.

So now we have to:
1. Move
2. Get a new job
3. Plan a wedding
4. Try not to get pregnant
5. Or fat

I think that's enough to be getting on with for now.


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