Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stick a fork in me

My GOD I feel bloated today. (Nice opening sentence. I've become one of those women, haven't I) Kept feeling like I might accidentally do the unspeakable in front of the office, but managed to contain it. I'm not sure how professional I'd appear going at it like a set of bagpipes mid-meeting.

I blame the potatoes and bananas. A bad case of the Ponanas.

The office was so hot today - 32 degrees at my desk - that even I wasn't up for eating much so I had:

bacon and mushroom and tomato and lettuce butty for breakfast.

Left over potato salad for lunch.

Lowfat yoghurt for afternoon snack.

Now I'm going to have left over spaghetti. It's wholewheat so hopefully it won't do too much damage.

And now having a nice glass of rose.

On my way home Fatdar spotted a hugely obese homeless woman, which is wierd because I always assumed that not having a fridge was the route to slimness. I guess the magazines are wrong ...

Have agreed with my friend Jules that we'll weigh in each week and gee each other along. She's pretty scary and a consumate dieter so hopefully she'll keep me on track.

Day three and all is well.


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